Myanmar’s fruit exports cross US$96M in 9 months

  • Fri, 16 February 2024

Myanmar’s fruit exports cross US$96M in 9 months

The value of Myanmar’s fruit exports totalled US$96.069 million in the past nine months of the current financial year 2023-2024, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Myanmar delivered watermelon, muskmelon, avocado, mango and other fruits to foreign trade partners during the April-December period through maritime trade and border channels.

Myanmar’s fruits are primarily sent to neighbouring countries, especially China. There are 25 types of fruits designated for export.

Myanmar conducts border trade with China through the Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehaw, Kampaiti and Kengtung borders. Myanmar’s traders currently turn to the Mongla border amid the suspension of those border crossings.