Green tea leaves in high demand, dried tea prices rise

  • Mon, 4 March 2024

Green tea leaves in high demand, dried tea prices rise

Some tea traders said that price of green tea has gained higher due to increase in purchase of the green tea leaves.

Tea growers have reduced the amount of drying the green tea as its price is good. Currently, traders are buying the green tea leaves directly from the farms. As the leave price has risen, farmers sell it as soon as they stop making dried tea, said a teatrader. He added that traders are making a purchase of green tea leaves that have been plucked at a rate of around K4,000 to K5,000 per viss.

In the southern Shan State, the price of dried tender tea leaves is rising up to around K14,000 per viss.

In 2023, the tender green tea leave was only around K12,000 per viss and the price has risen by about K2,000 per viss at present. 

The price of dry tea leaves produced in southern Shan State depends on the location and type, and it ranges from K10,000 to K18,000 per viss. According to a tea grower, merchants from Mandalay come to the southern Shan regions and are directly purchasing green tea leaves, and they are buying them as far as they can. As a result, production of dried tea leaves is decreasing. — TPT