Innovative bamboo products in high demand as natural decorations spread

  • Wed, 29 May 2024

Innovative bamboo products in high demand as natural decorations spread

As decoration with bamboo handicrafts in large and small cities alike has become widespread, the demand for innovative bamboo products in the local market is rising, according to bamboo craftsman U Kyaw Win.

In recent years, traditional bamboo products have become more prevalent in shop decorations, while some have been adorned with naturally beautifying handicrafts.

“Whether traditional or innovative, both bamboo and handicrafts are trading well. The buyers’ interest is growing steadily. More bamboo decorations are seen in both large and small cities. Demand is rising. Our local bamboo market is higher than the foreign market. We have to pay more locally. We supply raw materials until our stock is exhausted,” he said. Bamboo innovators are selling to the local market, where there are some orders, and they haven’t exported yet to fulfil some orders abroad.

“A Myanmar national who opened a shop in Japan ordered bamboo handicrafts two years ago, but I couldn’t deliver. He plans to collect locally and sell in Japan and the European market. But we weren’t able to supply it. Those who can produce good handiworks are busy with local orders. So, they can’t sell abroad,” he said.

At present, some areas are facing a rare bamboo situation due to slash-and-burn farming and improper harvesting of bamboo shoots, so it becomes necessary to encourage private bamboo plantations, he suggested.