Despite short supply, Pheegyan banana sales good this monsoon

  • Wed, 12 June 2024

Despite short supply, Pheegyan banana sales good this monsoon

This monsoon, pheegyan banana sales have been doing well despite its short supply. The rainy season is banana plantation season, during this period, bananas get good prices and fully-grown fruits are produced.

“The trading has been fine. This is banana plantation season. In rainy season, we don’t need to irrigate and plants are healthier because the soil is moist. Irrigation is required in summer and dry seasons, farmers don’t grow banana at that time. Growing banana this season can produce beautiful fruit,” said a banana farmer from Pyinmana Township.

He said banana has domestic consumption and distributed to cities around the country. “Pheegyan is the most consumed. Rakhine banana is only used for offering to Nat (spirit) and ceremonies in the three-month rain retreat. Pheegyan is the best seller item and price is also good. Red banana is the least consumed,” he said.

Depending on geographical location, banana farmers should grow about 3,000 plants in a plantation because banana bunches can’t be beautiful and unable to fetch good price if plants are packed, he said.