Sri Lanka to grow strawberries for export

  • Tue, 28 November 2023

Sri Lanka to grow strawberries for export

The Agriculture Ministry has given approval for a strawberry cultivation project presented by a group of local investors with the intention of exporting the produce.

Despite the high global demand for strawberries, there is currently minimal demand for locally grown strawberries due to the absence of modern cultivation techniques. Sri Lanka is ranked 57th among strawberry-exporting countries. The strawberry market experiences rapid growth annually, and strawberries are popular as a soft fruit. 

As part of the approved project, one hectare of land in Nuwara Eliya, belonging to the Agriculture Ministry, will be allocated as a pilot project in the initial phase. Depending on the success of the project, up to ten hectares may be provided for strawberry cultivation. 

The use of new technology in cultivation is expected to yield an annual income of US$ 117,600 per hectare, with a potential harvest of 120,000 kgs. The investment required for cultivating one hectare is Rs. 250 million