Mark Furner talks up Queensland’s trade and investment opportunities in Japan

  • Fri, 1 December 2023

Mark Furner talks up Queensland’s trade and investment opportunities in Japan

Queensland minister for agricultural industry development and fisheries Mark Furner will have four meetings in Japan with importers, manufacturers, government representatives and investors.

This will include meetings with Japanese food and fibre manufacturers, and investors, including Starzen, Salad Club, Fast Retailing, Hibaya-Inn, and EcoWood.

Climate target goals committed by both the Queensland and Japanese governments will also set the stage for conversations about emissions reduction and sustainability initiatives in agriculture.

In a statement, Furner said his mission intended to forge opportunities for more Queensland-grown sustainable food and fibre products to reach the Japanese market.

“Despite Japan being a mature market with price-sensitive consumers, Queensland’s food and fibre has a reputation for quality,” Furner said.

“We have an opportunity to export even more of our premium meat, fruit and vegetables, seafood and fibre products, which means more jobs in our agricultural supply chains and regional communities.”

In 2022-23, Queensland’s agricultural export market to Japan was the third-largest for the state. Beef exports to Japan alone were valued at $1.3 billion.

Furner’s mission agenda also includes a major networking event in Tokyo with Queensland beef exporters and Japanese importers, as well as an in-store promotion at a specialty supermarket.

On Wednesday, the group will participate in a Queensland produce tasting event in the Yaoko store, Tokyo.

“Building strong, trusted and long-term relationships is the key to trade and investment success,” the minister said.

“Trade and Investment Queensland’s team in Japan work tirelessly to develop the connections between Queensland and Japanese businesses. This visit will reinforce to our Japanese friends just how important they are to Queensland.”