Fresh Pawsanyin rice starts to enter market

  • Wed, 15 November 2023

Fresh Pawsanyin rice starts to enter market

Some Pawsanyin rice produced from the Kyaiklat area in the delta region started flowing into Yangon’s market on 6 November, Ko Tin Aung, who runs a rice depot on Padauk Street, told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).

Prices were around K115,000 per sack of old Pawsanyin rice and K90,000 for new Pawsanyin rice, showing a price difference of K20,000 per sack. There will be an influx of rice supply to Yangon’s market in the upcoming days, U Kyaw Gyi, a warehouse owner from Seinpan Street, told the GNLM.

The wholesale prices of high-grade Pawsan rice move in the range between K110,000 and K125,000 per sack depending on the producing areas (Ayeyawady and Shwebo areas) in November 2023.

Old Pawsan paddy from the Shwebo area fetches K3.7 million per 100 baskets while the one from Ayeyawady Region is estimated at K2.8 million. Reference paddy prices in 2023 were K1.6-K1.8 million for Ayeyawady Pawsan and K1.8-K2 million for Shwebo Pawsan, a rice non-governmental organization notified on 19 September 2023.

The price of Ayeyawady Pawsanyin rice is up by K30,000 per sack this year compared to that of last year. The prices stood at K60,000-K66,000 per sack of new Shwebo Pawsan rice and K86,000-K92,000 per sack of old Pawsan rice on 2 January 2023. 

The prices of paddy were K1.48-K1.6 million per 100 baskets of new Shwebo Pawsan and K2.5-K2.6 million per 100 baskets of old Pawsan. The price gap between the old Pawsan and the new Pawsan pushed the consumers to buy the new one.